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Contact information:  
Office:                                       519-371-9159 OR info@kembleunitedchurches.ca

Rev Cathy Hird                          226-688-4624 OR minister@kembleunitedchurches.ca

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Our charge is located 20 minutes north of Owen Sound, ON on the west side of the sound.  Our 'backyard' is beautiful Georgian Bay, and many of our members live along the shore - we worship on the water at least once a year!

Official Board Kemble-Sarawak and Zion-Keppel Pastoral Charge

Co-Chairs:  Don Dailey and John Beckett

Zion-Keppel United Church

Worship services are held on the first and third Sundays of each month.
079 964 Zion Church Road

A quaint pioneer church built in 1889 that is kept in immaculate shape by the dedicated worshipers at Zion-Keppel United Church.  Look for the 'Z' in the garden, stay for refreshments after every service, or just experience "the friendliest church in the area"! Zion Keppel United Church is fully accessible, all on one level. 

Kemble-Sarawak United Church

319 940 Kemble Rock Road
Coffee Hour after worship the second Sunday of every month. 

A large Romanesque style church greets you at the main intersection in Kemble. The stained glass window over the door aptly describes this community with theses words: 'Open Doors, Open Hearts and Open Minds'. Home to the charge's Church School, attendees and guests are treated to drama and music by the young artists on special occasions. 

The Kemble-Sarawak community as a whole is well-represented in this community of faith, with a strong and active UCW (see the 'Our Ministries' page), a choir each Sunday, and coffee time after services on the second Sunday of each month.

Kemble-Sarawak United Church is not an accessible building, but offers assistive devices for those with hearing challenges.

A Sarawak United Church Poem by Sally Emery, 2013

Sarawak church is standing its ground,
so get off your butt and come on down.
It doesn't matter if you've sinned,
we will open the door and let you in.
The choir will welcome you with a song and a smile,
they might even let you join for a while.
There will be a reflection and a prayer or two
and someone will collect money from you.
Joanne will shake your hand at the door
and tell you to come back for more.
There's no need to 'dress up to the nines'
just come as you are and you will be fine.
See you next Sunday
and be on time.

A Sarawak United Church Poem by Sally Emery, 2012

The church on the hill is active still.
The choir's still singing.
The bell is still ringing.
The congregation might be smaller,
but we just have to stand up taller!
We have a new minister
and she's not the least bit sinister.
She has some new ideas that we all seem to like
as nobody has told her to take a hike.
The mission story reader is of course the greatest,
have you heard her latest?
The elders, stewards and volunteers
keep things going year after year.
What would we do if they weren't here?
They all deserve a great big cheer!
If you are in the neighbourhood
come on in and we'll treat you good.
We will great you and seat you 
and be glad to meet you.
Because Sarawak Church
will never leave you in the 'lurch'.
Well that's all I've got -
Who's next on the spot?

Annual Kemble Maple Syrup Tour, Art Show and Dance

Saturday, April 9, 2016  This will be our 7th Annual Tour!

As communities of faith committed to both people and God's creation, a fundraiser that brings us into a closer connection with both seems a natural fit for our charge.  Whether you are chatting with a Maple Syrup producer, having a conversation over breakfast or lunch, admiring the work of local artists or just soaking in the beauty of this part of Georgian Bluffs township, we invite you to make connections!

The tour is an opportunity for the public to visit several local farms and see different ways Maple Syrup is produced in the Georgian Bluffs. Set-ups range from a homemade evaporator processing sap from 35 taps for personal consumption, all the way up to Miners' Maple Syrup Products with 6200 taps on a vacuum system and using reverse osmosis. Producers are on hand to answer questions, and sometimes to sell their product. There are lots of animals to meet along the way including elk, sheep, livestock guardian dogs, border collies, chickens and highland cattle to name a few.

Your Tour Passport included a meal  served from 8:00 am - 3:00pm at the Kemble-Sarawak United Church. Come enjoy pancakes, baked beans, pea meal bacon, coleslaw, biscuits and more, all flavored or topped with locally produced Maple Syrup Products! 

While at the Kemble-Sarawak Church peruse and shop from the work of talented local artists during the Art Show and in the evening, join us for a Contra Dance, to live music! 

The Maple Syrup Tour, Art Show and Dance is a Fundraising and Community Building Event for the Kemble-Sarawak and Zion-Keppel United Churches.

For Information Call Bob at 519-371-9128