What’s Happening

We are updating this website....watch for changes in the next month or so!


Every Sunday 9:15    Kemble-Sarawak Choir Practice 

Every Wednesday 10:00am    Kemble Kids Playgroup - contact Sarah Mooney (manidoo80@yahoo.ca) All moms and kids welcome! 

February 14, 28 and continuing alternate weeks   9:30am   Prayer Shawl Group  - join us for coffee conversation and knitting, crocheting, stitching of shawls for those in need

first Wednesday of the month   UCW   Feb. 1 1:00, March 1 7:30

Thursday, February 23  7:00pm  Church Board Meeting




Kemble-Sarawak and Zion-Keppel Pastoral Charge

Rev. Cathy Hird   
revcathyhird@gmail.com   226-668-4624

We invite you to worship with us:  

Kemble-Sarawak Congregation 
meets every Sunday at 10:30am

Zion Congregation 
meets the first and third Sunday of each month at 1:00pm

Save the date - The 8th Annual Kemble Maple Tour 
will take place April 8!

Kemble-Sarawak Building Renovation Survey

You are invited to complete our Building Renovation Survey.  You can send your responses to revcathyhird@gmail.com

When we gather this information, we will meet in a workshop format on Sunday, February 26 over lunch, to work pull together the results. There will then be a congregational vote on the direction we want, our principles and goals. Then we go back to specific design possibilities, followed by a congregational vote on the specifics.

General limitations and background

The congregation has earmarked the money from the sale of the Sarawak building for this purpose. There are other savings which we could decide to put toward the project.

We will have to bring our septic system and washrooms up to code. Because of the limited space, the septic upgrade is priced at $35,500. We need two washrooms, at least one of which would be accessible. An accessible washroom will require some addition to the building.

The upstairs requires two exits for fire safety. If a renovation took out the front stairs, we would have to put in another.

Defining our principles. Please write very important, somewhat important, not important

  1. Not going into debt.
  2. As possible, working within the current "footprint" of the building
  3. Having the church as a community "hub", a way to serve as God's people and provide space in our rural area
  4. Other:


While our proposal to presbytery said that our goals are accessibility, including washrooms, and storage, we have not defined what we mean by that. We have also talked about the kitchen. Help us see what you think we need.

To me, accessibility means:   please write in "yes", "no", or "maybe"                    (continues on next page)         

  1. Getting to the sanctuary when a person struggles with stairs _____________   
  2. Getting to the sanctuary in a wheel chair _________________
  3. Getting a casket to the sanctuary __________________
  4. Getting to the pulpit when a person struggles with stairs ________________
  5. Getting to the pulpit in a wheel chair ________________
  6. Getting to the choir loft when a person struggles with stairs ______________
  7. Getting to the choir loft in a wheel chair ______________
  8. Getting in the front door of the church in a wheel chair ______________
  9. Having a wheel chair accessible washroom or more than one ____________
  10. Having the sanctuary flexible for other uses of the space ________________
  11. Other:


I see the need for storage as: please write in "yes", "no", or "maybe"            

  1. Neatly organized and easy to get at __________________
  2. Designated spaces for each regular user group _______________
  3. Having access inside to all items (ie Christmas decorations, etc) __________
  4. Having access inside to items used each week (ie kemble kids toys)_______
  5. Having access inside to items used each month (ie Lions' club things)______
  6. Other: 

Changes to the kitchen I would like to see: please write in "yes", "no", or "maybe"

  1. More counter and work space _____________
  2. Easier access to lower cupboards, such as drawers _____________
  3. Commercial dishwasher (this would require a water tank-Estimated cost of $6000) _____________
  4. A water storage tank to make sure we never run out of water___________
  5. Making sure all sinks are hooked up to septic system ________________
  6. Other